Who We Are ​

The Values That Bind Us

Care | Passion | Excellence

It takes only three words to describe the core values Little Stepping Stones stands for: Care, Passion, and Excellence. As words, these terms are simple; however, delivering them as part of a value system that is intrinsic to how we behave, work and define our organization, requires focus and commitment from every individual.

The core values are aspirations – they capture our commitment to move Little Stepping Stones forward for the benefit of our children, parents, community as well as for us as professionals.

By embracing our values each day, our staff can ensure that we always provide our children the best possible opportunities, that we respect and value our colleagues and that we can consistently achieve a level of performance that allows us to set ourselves apart.


We pave the way for our children to reach their long-term objectives by fostering sustainable relations and mutual understanding.


We are passionate about our nursery and committed to completing all tasks successfully. We foster a culture of openness and enthusiasm.


We take an extremely child-centric approach and we give our children access to best-in-class opportunities, resources and talent.